05 augusti 2009

Ironlak Vegan Cap (Outliner) & nya lock!

Nyheter från Ironlak.. Nya munstycken/caps samt nya lock till burkarna.
Blir små svarta lock för att lättare kunna se färgen. Levereras med nytt munstycke!
Fråga gärna oss om ni har funderingar på info@fatcap.se eller läs nedan vad Ironlak själva säger.

We've been working hard to develop a quality outline nozzle that comes standard on all new Ironlak cans. So keep an eye on your local stockist as the new nozzles are introduced. Some writers have already got their hands on these new Ironlak Vegan Caps and they are loving them.

You will also notice that these new cans no longer come with the big clear lid, but rather a small black lid. We did this to minimise plastic wastage and the effect our products have on the environment. All cans still come with the extra two free black NY fat caps so ask your local shop for these when you buy your paint.

We're currently re-developing our NY fat caps to produce cleaner lines, so stay tuned as we introduce these over the next few months.